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Programme at a glance


17 October

18 October

19 October

20 October

21 October



Opening Session
Plenary session
Technical session

Technical session
Plenary session
Technical session

Technical session
Plenary session
Technical session

The day after
Surf day
Green and gold tour


The day before
Visit to LNEC

Plenary sessionTechnical session
Technical session

Plenary sessionTechnical session
Technical session

Plenary sessionTechnical session

  Conference dinner Walking tour in downtown Lisbon Closing Session

Plenary sessions

Keynote speakers, from the surveying and civil engineering communities, will present lectures on their own areas of expertise but addressed to both communities. Six top civil engineers will present different types of civil engineering structures, their behaviour and monitoring needs. Six top surveyors will describe the new and also the most precise technologies of monitoring, their strengths and limitations.


Monitoring Techniques   Structures
Laser scanner   Structural monitoring
Classical methods   Monuments
Ground based radar   Geotechnical works
UAV (drones)   Maritime works
GNSS   Bridges
Augmented reality   Concrete dams

INGEO2017 Keynote Speakers

Social events

The social events are:

  • the Conference dinner on the first day of INGEO2017, and
  • a private walking tour in downtown Lisbon with local guides, after the afternoon session on the second  day of INGEO2017.

For centuries downtown Lisbon has been the heart of the social, commercial and spiritual life of the city, as much as the centre of power of Portugal. Despite this lasting prominence, a lot has changed since the Phoenician and the Roman occupation, when there was still an arm of the Tejo River flooding this area.

The earthquake of 1st November 1755, followed by a tsunami and several fires, transformed downtown Lisbon into ruins. A new city, built using innovative construction methods, probably the first examples of earthquake-resistant constructions at a large scale in the world, was born in this area. A grid of straight streets replaced the angle of narrow streets of the medieval city and the new buildings, with regular lines and dimensions, are now the landmarks of this area.

Accompanying persons can also enjoy the Conference dinner and the walking tour.

The day before

On the afternoon of Tuesday the 17th of October, the day before the beginning of INGEO2017, we propose a visit to some facilities of the National Laboratory of Civil Engineering (LNEC). These include the seismic platform, hydraulic models of rivers and ports and the building elements test area.

This activity is open to accompanying persons (aged 6 years and over).

The day after

Why not stay just one more day and have an unforgetable experience? We propose two sensorial experiences on the 21st of October, the day after INGEO2017: "The surf day" or "The green and gold tour". In the first, you will feel the amazing experience of surf in the vibrating sea. In the second, the tastes of Alentejo - the olive oil, the food, the wine - and a vast landscape dotted with cork oaks and olive trees.

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Surf day

And being Lisbon so near the sea, why not surf?

  • you want to try the surf feeling, or
  • you know how to surf but never tried the Portuguese waves and the magnificent beaches, or
  • you already have enjoyed surf in Portugal and want to have that great feeling again

we organize a full-day activity at Praia do Castelo beach with the surf school Duckdive Nature Sports. It includes transport, a lesson of two hours (wet suit and board included) given by a surf teacher, and lunch at the beach restaurant . If the number of participants is large it can be split in different groups according to the level of the expertise, age, language. If you don't need lessons it can be provided the wet suit and board. If you prefere bodyboard there will be body boards available.

This activity is open to accompanying persons (aged 6 years and over).

During the Conference, for accompanying persons only, the same school can organize surf activities in the mornings (transport and lessons but no lunch).


Green and gold tour

Olives are green, sometimes dark. After a process of transformation is extracted a golden liquid: the olive oil. These two remarkable colours give name to the tour that includes a visit to an olive mill with tasting.

The main points of this bus tour in Alentejo region are:

  • visit to the olive oil mill “Oliveira da Serra”, and to the grove that surrounds this impressive structure. The visit ends with a taste of the oils produced. You will feel a large variety of flavours - strong, mild, sweet, bitter, spicy – in the different types of olive oils.

  • lunch in an old tavern in the typical small town of Cuba to taste the regional food of Alentejo. 

  • short visit to Évora, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the capital of Alentejo, a city that has a well-preserved old town centre, still partially enclosed by medieval walls, and a large number of monuments dating from various historical periods.

This activity is open to accompanying persons.

Downtown Lisbon

“Praça do Comércio”, that opens to Tagus River, at the sunset